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The Playlist: Pearl’s Dream. Overcoming the Darkness

I was considering what to write for my first proper blog post. I was going to go deep into some of the personalities that fuelled my interest of the esoteric but it was becoming a very intellectualised and dry piece of writing.
Instead I have decided to start with curating the Mystic Discoveries playlist. Songs that have a mystical and esoteric aesthetic whether they are intended that way or not. As I have never had a conversation with any of these artists I am not in a position to speak on their behalf. What I can do is discuss the archetypal images and experiences that pop into these videos and discuss how they can relate to our own lives.
Who better to start with than Bat for Lashes. Natasha Kahn is one of my style icons. She dresses like she could cast a magic spell where ever she goes, and leave behind a trail of glitter and feathers.

I chose this particular video/song because it speaks to the real life inner battle going on inside us all the time. Between our light and dark sides.Pearl is her alter ego, the darker persona (although, the blonde in the video). It represents the side of ourselves that is attracted to hedonistic ways of living. The side that would like to avoid the good, the light and take us down a road of self destruction. Now I am not saying that destruction and chaos should be avoided at all costs. Nope. We need to be reborn from some fiery ashes sometimes.
The trick is to be able to see and acknowledge the dark side. If we don’t see it, then we are doomed to repeat the same lame experiences. If we do see it, we will experience dumb stuff but we will be able to see how our shadow side played a part in the event. We are then empowered to pick ourselves up quicker and ascend to a higher level of living, capable of defeating greater and greater evils. Kinda like if you were in an RPG (remember how awesome that game was). 

We live on a material plane of existence. To exist here we need balance. Dark and light. The brighter your light shines, the greater your shadow. This may sound a tad depressing, but actually it’s quite awesome. We need challenges to grow and evolve. A speck of light can shine so bright in a room of darkness.
This is part of my intention with Mystic Discoveries. For a long time I have read articles on sites like Vigilant Citizen and listened to conspiracy podcasts. These are okay for a bit, but tend to dwell on the negative. The dark. And to be quite honest, I don’t sense a huge amount of truth in the way it is presented. Also, I am a scaredy cat and don’t like to spend to much time thinking about lizard people. I am willing to keep my mind open. But open to goodness and truth. Truth being the operative word.
Yes I do believe there are forces of darkness that exist on the earth and work through certain groups. But I also know there are forces of light which shine super bright. And actually, a lot of the imagery people freak out about is good, and when looked at in the right light is incredibly powerful and enhances our spiritual development.
Anywho, I don’t want this to be a big long essay. I just like this video because it gives us a beautiful artistic way to experience and view what is happening within us from time to time. The world is beautiful! Feel free to share your views about this video and if you have any favourites that have magical or mystical things about them.


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