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Alan Watts talks aboutCarl Jung, and I dig it!

So I am doing some research for the Carl Jung episode we will be recording after our Manly P Hall episode. I have always heard Alan Watt’s mentioned but never actually listened to him. A wise fellow indeed. I will definitely be checking out more of his wisdoms.

While listening to this clip I have made a few notes and I am astounded at how much Jung and Steiner had in common, yet how much they differed. I love hear about the universe from their two perspectives. Both lived in polarities and would often discuss this. 

I won’t go into the notes I made at this stage because I am still digesting the ideas. I do encourage you to listen to this talk though, it’s really enlightening. I enjoy hearing about Alan’s perspective on Jungs ideas especially when his world views deviate somewhat from Jung’s. 

A theme is manifesting – a striving to understand the other, even though their cultural or spiritual context and beliefs are different from my own. It’s a hard task, but it seems to be one of humanities goals. Hopefully this blog and the Mystic Discoveries podcast will help a little (or a lot) in us achieving this goal.

Do you how much about Alan Watts? Is there anything I should read or listen to of his that you found super amazing?

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2 thoughts on “Alan Watts talks aboutCarl Jung, and I dig it!

  1. I love Alan Watts. He has heaps of podcasts that you can look up, which contain lengthy lectures. But often I just go onto youtube and type in Alan Watts. Whenever I listen to him my mind is blown and I feel uplifted about life 🙂 Great post!


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