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The Mystic Discoveries Podcast. Ep 2: Rudolf Steiner

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(blurb from podcast)

Hey Hey! Our first proper podcast. Rhys joins me today to discuss the fellow that is Rudolf Steiner. We thought we would do Rudy a solid and talk about hi life, from his perspective. Most of what is discussed comes from his Autobiography. He tended to be misunderstood in his own time, so today we are trying to discover what it was that lead him down his spiritual path.

Forgive us if we misunderstand a point or get something wrong, hopefully we do him justice.

Further Reading:
“How to Know Higher Worlds” R.Steiner
“The Foundations of Human Experience” R.Steiner
“Secret History of the World” Johnathan Black
“The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner”

Quotes from his book;
The healthy social life is found

When in the mirror of each human soul

The whole community is shaped,

And when in the community

Lives the strength of each human soul

“Anthroposophy and the Social Question”, 1919, GA 34.
“Thus inwardly I lived in a world that bordered upon the outer world; it was as if I has to cross a threshold when I wanted to have intercourse with the outer world” p 206

“That one can work out forms which are seen purely inwardly, independent of the outer senses gave me a feeling of contentment” p 28

“That the spiritual world is a reality was certain to me as the reality of the physical. But I needed some kind of justification for this assumption.” p 29

“ On his back he carried a bundle of healing herbs; in his heart he carried the results of what he had won from nature spirituality while gathering them”

“ Man has come to view nature in a way that compels him to represent the evolution of the world as void of moral content.” P 211

“Such was my loneliness in Weimar where I lead such an active social life….it (the people) was concerned only with immediately obvious. “The material world is the entire world” was the outlook of this thinking”p 214

“To me the world of tone in itself was the relation of an essential aspect of reality.” P 71

“….through the stimulatingsocial contact with the Weimar artists I sought, in the sphere of art, too, aview that acknowledges the spirit” p 238

“I saw man as a being whose goal is to create, out of the well spring of his own inner nature, what gives his life true meaning….if the world had been so arranged that it allotted to man from the beginning a best possible life then he cannot bring into flow this creative well-spring within him. Good and evil are bestowed upon the created things …at certain stages of world evolution. Only then does man’s consciousness of self awaken and he carries further the evolution which now obtains its freely adopted course…..How can man be free to create hi greatest happiness if a measure of happiness is allotted to him by the external world?”p 99-100 Good point!

“Agreement in ideas was not all necessary for me, but rather genuinely striving human beings, receptive to the spirit”p117

“To me, what theorizing Socialists maintained meant closing one’s eyes to the true facts.

And yet in this connection I saw clearly that the “Social question itself is immensely important. It seemed to me a tragedy of the age that the personalities who concerned them selves with this question were steeped in the materialistic outlook of contemporary civilization” p 133-34

“Through direct perception of the human soul in self-knowledge the moral sphere lights up with the soul is an entirely individual experience.” P 218

“I suffered much through the fact that so far as my friends were concerned, I spoke of something non-existent when I spoke of what to me was of great importance. In my approach to scientific research I met a similar misunderstanding” p 235

“Man does not stand apart from the world and produce knowledge about it for himself; rather, his soul provides the stage upon which the world itself begins to experience its own evolution and existence. Without knowledge, the world would remain incomplete” p 280

“A new spiritual light was ready to break into mankind’s evolution through the intellectual achievements of the last third of the 19th century. But man was prevented from having an inkling….because his materialistic interpretation of these achievement induced a spiritual sleep” p 333

“The possibility no longer exists of keeping things secret…..We live in an age which demands that what isknown should be made publicly available. …..The only possibility today is to introduce spiritual knowledge by stages” p 341

“….an anthroposophical book that is written should not be a mere collection of info, but an awakener of the spiritual life of the reader…….I do not adopt a style that allows subjective feelings to be detected in what I describe. In writing I subdue to a dry,mathematical style….the enthusiasm and warmth of feeling must come from the reader themselves.” P 380.


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