Mystic discoveries podcast

The Mystic Discoveries Podcast. Ep 4; Kaypacha / Tom Lescher.

The first podcast with a proper modern day mystical man. Kaypacha was very kind to let me practice my interview skills in him. At the time I had EPIC morning sickness, so I thank everyone for baring with me. It was true honour to meet him and have a chat. Check out his YouTube channel, his astrological musings are always so on point!

I’ll be doing some more podcasts this year. If you want to stay updated subscribe on podbean or iTunes (search for The Mystic Discoveries).

(blurb from podcast text)

Welcome to another episode Buddies!

(The image is used with permission from Kaypacha’s website)

I hope you enjoy our first interview with my favorite astrologer, Kaypacha. We discuss a lot of topics. Astrology being the main one but also Kundalini yoga, his upbringing and life experiences, Astrosophy, Steiner, his workshops and the shift in consciousness.

A short but sweet chat, I didn’t want to keep him too long. I had soooooo many more questions to ask him. Maybe next time 🙂

Also, please forgive my interview skills. Due to all the exciting guests I have lined up I’ll have many opportunities to become super great!

Until then, enjoy our wee chat about Astrology and life as a global citizen.

Links and names to Google:

Jeffery Wolf Green

Daniel Giamario

Maurice Fernandez

Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga)

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Arohanui xoxo


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