Mystical Motherhood

Womanhood As a Mystery School.

Mystic Discoveries has been on holiday for a long while. Why? I have become a Mama!
Yes I suffered from morning sickness and general tiredness. Also thinking about our beautiful babe growing inside me took up a lot of time.

Phoenix Was born on the 31st of January this year and becoming a mother has been the most mystical thing that has ever happened to me. For reals! The day he was born was the most epic of all initiations and it has changed me forever.

Here, have some of my thoughts on the topic of initiation,

I was reading ‘The Sacred History’ by Johnothan Black just before I found out I was pregnant and it was very clear that ‘Secret Societies’ and the historic mystery schools were very much a male affair. Sure woman had their own places of worship and involvement in all the religious practices of their time, but when it came to things like the Masons and Rosicrucians, woman didn’t seem overly represented. (Perhaps there were super secret women’s groups……)

Jonathan Black and Rudolf Steiner have both described different initiation ceremonies that men in various societies went through to level up. It seemed to be a death/rebirth experience. Why couldn’t I be a Mason, I thought. So unfair, so flippin sexist. I want to know all the things!
Although I know I don’t really want to be a Mason. Like Steiner, I think people shouldn’t be excluded from esoteric wisdom if they are ready and willing to understand it. Especially in this time period. Heck I meet children all the time who have innate knowledge of the spiritual worlds without having had been told about it by some old dude on a mountain top (although I’m sure that old dude still has much wisdom to offer, no disrespect Mr Hermit!).

Anywho as my newly pregnant mind pondered these concepts I came to a realisation. Not that I’m the first one to come to it I’m sure, BUT it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m pretty sure an angel heard my thoughts of ‘so unfair!’ and decided just to drop a truth bomb in my consciousness.

Women don’t need secret societies.
Women don’t need manufactured death/rebirth ceremonies.
Women are mystery school unto themselves
Our physical bodies provide us with initiation experiences that result in transformations almost overnight. Sometimes within minutes.

Three initiation experiences occurred to me which can probably guess. Menstruation, giving birth, and menopause. (Hmmmmm, as I write this does it seem weird to you that two of these biological things begin with ‘men’, I’m not a linguist so forgive me if that isn’t weird).

One could argue men have biological initiations, sure. But these three are very much about death and rebirth. The key element in all of these is blood. Yip, that magical fluid that carries life (oxygen and nutrients) to our organs, and takes away the crap. It’s the whole maiden, mother, crone thaaaang.

The first blood of our moon cycle marks the death of our childhood and the beginning of our maidenhood. Although young women are probably a while away from being sexually active, this first blood marks the transition into becoming a young woman. Adulthood looms! I don’t know about you (if you are a woman), but the day I got my period I was forever changed. I felt different.

Then (if we so wish) we fall pregnant and this blood that used to come every month stays inside. We are preparing for a new initiation. Growing a little person is life changing as it is. But birth, wow. (I will do a blog on my birth story). Never have I felt so connected to my ancestors, to the Devine feminine. Never have I been so emotionally, physically and spiritually tested. Never had I felt so close to death and life at the same time. Jonathan Black talks about the need for the candidate participating in the ceremony to actually feel like he really could die, like actually feel they are breathing their last breaths.
I can’t say it felt like that, but I did feel death move closer. Death during childbirth happens, but I don’t think that kind of a death was near. More like the death of who I was, so that as soon as my boy was born, I was born again too.

I don’t want to say too much about menopause because I haven’t my gone through it and quite honestly I don’t know very much about it. I really want to learn more about it though. Society hasn’t been comfortable talking about menopause but it’s time to shine a light in it. I have a mother and friends that are going through it and suffice to say, it is definitely another physical, spiritual and emotional initiation. The death of who you were and a transition into the new you.

Is the point of initiation? To prepare you for new experiences and to discover knowledge you were previously not ready for? I believe so. Science tells us that these biological happenings change your whole body, including your brain, giving one a new capacity for understanding.

After giving birth to Phoeinx I feel like a brand new version of myself. The world literally looks different to me. I approach things in different ways, I have found I am slightly more chilled out than I was. When I have time I am sure I will be guided by my angels to texts, knowledge, teachers and experiences that I previously wouldn’t have had the capacity to understand as I should.

As I write this my little man is asleep on me. He is exactly 2 months old. I know birth is the ultimate initiation, until the next ultimate, death. But between these pillars are many more deaths and rebirths. Men and women each have their own, yet We share so many too. The loss of baby teeth, loosing ones virginity, the infamous 21st birthday, moving out of home, perhaps finding a partner (or multiple) to spend your life with, the death of your parents, the list is long.

I wrote this post because I am one of the many who feel that these three biological initiations should be acknowledged as sacred, reverential experiences. We need to be tender with the new women that are born after each and give them the space and opportunity to discover new truths.

Anywho, these were just my musings on the innate mysticalness of womanhood. Have Ye anything to add? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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