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Why Children Need Handwork

Waldorf Handwork 4 reasons why children need it. Today I discuss why I think Handwork is fundamental to a well rounded, holistic education. The four reasons I mention are…… It builds RESILIENCE It encourages PROBLEM SOLVING It encourages COMMUNITY BUILDING and it helps children BUILD A CONNECTION WITH NATURE. Whether your children are in a… Continue reading Why Children Need Handwork

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Educational musings and casting off your knitting

In this most recent video I show you how to cast off and sew up your gnome. I also wanted to just write a wee thing about how great knitting is for teaching number concepts. Children using their times tables, addition and subtraction and multiple other skills while knitting. It’s a really practical engagement way… Continue reading Educational musings and casting off your knitting

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Finger Knitting Tutorial, Waldorf Crafts

How to finger knit two ways! Today I am showing you how to make a loop to start your knitting AND to finger knit two different ways. This is the peeerfect activity to teach your child. In this tutorial I also share the little story I tell the children as I’m teaching this. Let me… Continue reading Finger Knitting Tutorial, Waldorf Crafts

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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Waldorf-y

Link to the latest YouTube vid https://w3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Kia Ora! Today I list the 3 easy ways to bring waldorf principles into your home. You don’t need to go out and buy a whole lot of natural toys (although it is fun to do that), my belief is that… Continue reading 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Waldorf-y